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The Colour Blocked Office

Penylan, Cardiff

hover over an image to see the 'before' picture

Project photography Louise Misell ©
A photo of the drawing desk with the patterned rug in front. The room before with beige walls and a lack of storage.

A boring beige loft office has been transformed with clever use of paint and a specially designed bespoke birch plywood desk and storage. The rich green walls and pops of colour create a vibrant and stimulating work space.

A close up of the bookcase with books, a fern plant and some Russian dolls.
A photo of the loft with dark green walls with a strip of light green down the middle. The room before with the unpainted beige walls and the chest of drawers and plant stand before they were painted.
A close up shot of the new black toggle light switch. The previous light switch was a standard white one.
A view of the birch plywood desk and shelving area. The work station before the re-design was cramped and messy.

The dark green walls are broken up with a block of lighter green which has been taken up and over the ceiling, creating visual interest. The orange around the window reveals add another layer to the design and reflect the light streaming into the room.

A view of the orange which has been painted around the window reveals. The walls and windows were all painted in one shade of beige, with a white door.
A photo of a large kentia palm plant in a glossy green plant pot, on a black painted plant stand. The plant stand was unfinished wood before it was painted black.
A photo of the patterned cushions on the sofa with the painted chest of drawers in the background.
A close up of an orange mug on the desk.
A close up of the plywood shelving holding fabric books, and the painted noticeboard. There was no shelving here before, so the fabrics books are stored on the floor.
A close up of the Aloe Vera plant and desk organiser on top of the chest of drawers.
A view of the sofa, with the bright cushions on it and posters above. The bare beige wall with sofa below, before the room was painted.

The greens of the walls are perfectly contrasted with the pinks, oranges and burgundies in the rug and bespoke cushions. Everything is finished off with touches of black in the new light fittings, sockets & switch and door handles.

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