The Cocooning Living Room

Penylan, Cardiff

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Project photography Louise Misell ©
A wide shot of the room showing the red painted cabinets with fluted glass doors. A before photo showing the same area of the living room before the redesign.

A well proportioned Edwardian living room has been redesigned to make it feel warm and cosy yet elegant, in a style which cleverly mixes period details with contemporary shapes and patterns.

New electrics and lighting have been added, along with built in alcove storage to house the TV and a bar area.

A close up of some orange and purple flowers and foliage on a black mantlepiece.
A photo showing the blue velvet chair and matching footstool in front of the cabinet's bar area. A photo showing the corner with Ikea cupboards and no chair before the redesign.
A photo showing the sputnik ceiling light with white globe bulbs, with the wallpapered ceiling above.
A close up of a piece of art hung from the picture rail.

Wallpapering the ceiling with a richly coloured pattern has added an extra level of interest and magic, as the golden keys are 'hidden' amongst the autumnal leaves until the light illuminates them.

The richness of the deep velvet colours in the seating combined with the tactile elements in the design creates a real feeling of relaxed luxury.

A close up of the brightly coloured and patterned cushion on the claret coloured velvet chaise.
A photo showing the blue velvet chair and footstool with a mustard side table. A photo showing the space before the blue velvet chair and footstool were added.
A photo showing the wallpapered ceiling with ceiling light, and the elaborate architrave around the door in the background. A before photo showing the plain white ceiling, with white painted door architrave.
A photo showing the brown velvet sofa and the bay windows, with white Venetian blinds hung at them. A photo showing the room before, with a grey sofa and grey blue walls.
A close up of the floor lamp with a velvet fringed lampshade in the corner of the room.
A photo showing the claret coloured chaise long, with brightly coloured flowers in front of it on the coffee table. A before photo showing the grey sofa where the chaise now is, with the bay window behind.
A photo showing the width of the velvet cocoa coloured sofa, with bright, fresh flowers on the coffee table in front. A before photo showing the worn our grey sofa in front of blue grey walls.

The rich and deeply layered colour palette of soft reds, blues and teals, paired with caramels, pinks, peaches, mustards, cocoas and burnt oranges, produces a cocooning room, full of interest yet relaxing to be in.

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