The Romantic Hillside Cottage

Pentyrch, Cardiff

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Louise Misell Interiors ©
A photo looking over the pink bed towards the French doors. The room has floral wallpaper and there is a large single curtain in front of the French doors. A before photo looking out towards the garden. It had unlined curtains and the bottom of the French doors were damp.

A complete renovation of a main bedroom suite in a stone built cottage nestled into the hillside.

Our clients were keen to add some colour and life into this room, whilst wanting to retain and celebrate their home's unique character.

Our bespoke storage design was key, taking the new wardrobes along the length of one wall to create a dressing table area, and unusually adding cupboards above the door.

A photo showing the bespoke built in dressing table, which is painted green.
A photo looking at the white and gold chest of drawers nestled in an alcove. A before photo of the same area which was unplastered and damp.
A photo looking at the pink painted original bedroom door, with the green wardrobes surrounding it.

Adding flexible lighting which can be switched from both the door and the bedside means that the clients have complete control over their environment.

A photo looking along the side of the bed with a dark wooden bedside table next to it.
A photo looking along the wardrobe doors towards the single curtain over the French doors. You can see the green, cream and blue rug under the bed. A before photo showing the French doors with undecorated walls and a faded green carpet.
A photo looking along the pink painted headboard of the bed, showing the rasbperry pink wall lights.
A photo of the wardrobe doors which are open. Inside you can see the dark wood interior and LED lighting along the inside of the storage.
A photo showing the bespoke green wardrobes. A before photo showing the blank wall where the wardrobes now are, and the French doors with the old curtains.
A close up photo of the dressing table with colourful glass candlesticks on it.
A photo looking towards the pink painted en suite door, with the floral wallpaper all around the room. A before photo showing the en suite door and main door to the bedroom which are painted with a brown stain.
A photo looking straight at the dressing table with large brass mirror above.
A photo looking along the side of the bed towards the bedside table, showing the reading lamp and items on the table.
A photo looking straight at the pink bed, with the wallpaper behind and two Welsh landscape prints on the wall above the bed. A before photo showing the head of the bed with old wall lights and undecorated walls.

The nature inspired wallpaper sets the tone for a soft scheme which is both fitting for a bedroom and a cottage set in such beautiful surroundings, with some of the colours in it picked out in the bespoke furniture and accessories.

Everything has been meticulously planned, from the practical but beautiful flooring to the single, insulating lined curtain, so that it all comes together and works perfectly for our clients.

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