The Stylish Work From Home Space

Canton, Cardiff

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Project photography Louise Misell ©
A photo showing the burgundy double desk with period cornicing and doors which hide the computer screens. A photo showing the same view of the room towards the window, where the desk will be.

A double reception room and open plan hallway in a Victorian terrace have been turned into a stylish work from home space for two, with the bespoke desk echoing the original interior architecture. The clever design hides the computer screens at the end of the working day and blends seamlessly into the room.

A photo of the hallway leading to the desk area, showing the charcoal painted stairs and cream runner.
A photo showing the brass and glass ceiling light against the burgundy painted ceiling. A photo showing the ceiling which was painted white with a bare bulb.

The deep burgundy paint colour from the desk is repeated on the ceiling, the cornicing and down to the picture rail in both parts of the room to visually tie the spaces together. Placed here, it adds colour and depth whilst keeping the overall feeling light.

A photo of the desk with the cupboard doors open, showing the computer monitors behind. A photo of the area before the desk was built, with bare brick and a radiator along that wall. with
A photo of the hallway looking towards the front door, showing the charcoal grey and pink colour scheme.

Plenty of beautiful storage and easily accessible monitors create the perfect place to work. The palette of soft pinks, charcoal greys, burgundies and greens is versatile enough to be both energising during the day, and restful in the evenings, and is carried through into the hallway scheme to create cohesion.

A photo showing the other side of the room to the desk, with a green velvet sofa and glass coffee table. A photo showing the same side of the room before the fireplace, flooring or any decorating was done.
A photo showing the bay window, the TV area and the fireplace. A photo showing the same area before the fireplace or flooring was added.
A photo of the view to the bay window, with the focus on the coffee table and plant on it.
A close up photo of the lights above the desk area.
A photo showing the two chimney breasts and fireplaces in the room, with the pale pink walls and burgundy ceiling. A photo showing the two chimney breasts before the two fireplaces were added.
A photo taken from lower down looking past the potted plants towards the new rug and coffee tables.

The purpose built TV unit and warm colour scheme extend the design language from the desk to the relaxing end of the room. The accent metals and sumptuous textures integrate with those in the hallway, to create lived in luxury.

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