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The Peacock Guest Bedroom

Llandaff, Cardiff

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Project photography Louise Misell ©
A photo of the bed with new headboard, statement wallpaper and luxury bedding. The room with cream walls and the bed facing towards the window.

A quite plain guest room is transformed by changing the layout and adding some drama. The bed has become the focal point with its buttoned velvet headboard and luxuriously soft Egyptian cotton bedding.

A close up of the large feathered pendant lamp in purple grey tones. Before there was just a bare bulb.
A photo of the large ornate silver floor standing mirror against the lilac walls. The bed was in this position before.
The view opposite the door, with the wardrobe moved here and the TV on the wall. The corner opposite the door, without the wardrobe and white walls.
A photo of the new grey bedside table with a large copper lamp and purple pleated shade. The old bedside table was heavy and black, and had no lamp.
A close up of the corner of the floor mirror, with the rest of the room reflected in it.

A mix of textures such as velvets, silks and Egyptian cotton, layered with shades of greys and purples give this room it's luxury feel. The room now has everything guests could need, from the TV on the wall to the practical tray table for drinks.

A view of the bed with the silk bedspread, and the grey velvet upholstered bench in front.
A close up of the new velvet cushions on the upholstered bench with the new sheer curtains behind. Before, there was no bench and the windows didn't have any covering for privacy.
A close up of the rust finished planters with cheese plants in them, and the new sheer curtains behind. The bare window with no curtains for privacy.

The depth of pigment in the paint means that it subtly changes colour as the light moves through the room throughout the day. The light also catches the reflective surface of the wallpaper, making it look magical.

A close up of one of the new bedside tables with the new purple glass handles added.
A photo of the ornate leaner mirror against the lilac wall, with the new purple and black floral artwork. The bed was here before, and the walls were white.
A view of the bed and peacock wallpaper behind. The windows have the original black curtains and sheer curtains added, and some plants in planters.

The impressive proportions of the room with its high ceilings mean that it can take such a statement wallpaper, giving it the real wow factor. Making small changes such as adding simple grey bedside tables and replacing the handles with purple glass ones really dials up the glam. The ornate full length mirror and upholstered bench are the final touches, making this the perfect place for guests to relax.

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