Pattern Mix Living Room

Llanishen, Cardiff

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The room is now filled with the newly upholstered furniture in shades of reds and blues. A view of the fireplace, with the old floral feature wallpaper on one wall.

A large living room in a 1950s bungalow is transformed from bland and empty into a cleverly zoned space which can be used for playing the piano, entertaining, reading, or watching TV.

A close up of a colourful blue and red painted jug, on an end table behind the newly upholstered sofa.
A view of the new blue patterned curtains and Roman blind in a coordinating fabric. Before there were no curtains and a purple silk Roman blind at the smaller window.
A view along the newly upholstered sofa to the wing chair, showing the red and blue cushions and the new curtains in the background. A photo of the wing chair in a yellow fabric before it was reupholstered.
A photo showing one of the new curtains with an antique side table and new hand painted lamp.

Getting the layout right in this long room was key. The piano is in one zone, whilst the rug defines another cosy area around the fireplace.

A photo of another hand painted lamp on an antique desk.
The striking new curtain fabric, with the Roman blind next to it in a coordinating fabric. The old window dressing - a purple silk Roman blind and no curtains.
A close up photo of the blue upholstered footstool on the red Persian rug.

A large Persian rug bought when travelling is the centrepiece of the room, and was the starting point for the colours used.
The walls are painted in a neutral warm colour, but the clever use of zingy patterns in the soft furnishings means the room is anything but bland.

A view of the corner of the room, with the new Roman blind and curtains and a blue hand painted lamp on a small table. Before there was no furniture in this corner and the only window dressing was the purple Roman blind.
A view of the room showing the new fireplace, built in TV unit and the new sofas and cushions. Before this area was bare, with no furniture.
A close up of a blue glass bowl on an an antique table.

The modern structure of the building was balanced with the traditional style of the client's furniture. Patterns are mixed to their best effect in everything from the lamps to the cushions, and highlighted with accessories. Carefully chosen fabrics were used to re-upholster the sofas and a cherished armchair, bringing the scheme together. The eclectic collection of original artwork now has the perfect background to show it off, and the whole room has become a colourful take on classic style.

The new Roman blind, and the piano placed in front of the window. An empty area of the room, with the purple silk Roman blind covering the window.

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