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Contemporary Copper Kitchen

Penylan, Cardiff

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Project photography Louise Misell ©
A photo of the kitchen area with light grey cabinets, white Corian worktops and a floor lamp in the foreground. A photo of the space before the wall was knocked down.

A small, dark kitchen in the middle of the house is opened up by knocking down two walls and removing internal doors and a window. The cooking area has been moved so the chef is now at the centre of the action, and a sofa and armchair have been added to create a sociable family space.

A close up some chopping boards leaning against the worktop and the pink walls.
A close up of the two copper pendant lamps which hang over the hob area.
A view of the sunlight streaming into the kitchen through the windows, highlighting the potted plant and black floor lamp. The room before had internal doors leading to the conservatory.

A tall bank of kitchen units makes the most of limited wall space and provides a huge amount of storage.

The kitchen space has been opened up into the dining area. Before the space was opened up, the internal doors and arch into the kitchen made the space feel dark and too small.

Touches of black echo the colour of the original fireplace, and help to balance the whites and pale colours used elsewhere.

The internal doors have been taken down and there is a new dining table and chairs here now. A photo of the old internal doors and frames which were blocking out light.
A close up of the mantle piece with a black vase, black candlestick and a copper bowl on top.
A close up of the new white bar stools against the copper on the back of the kitchen units.

A soft, muted pink on the walls makes the kitchen units almost disappear, and works perfectly with the warm copper tones of the lighting and breakfast bar. A washable but matt paint finish is also practical for a hardworking family kitchen.

A close up of the new black pendant light in the seating area.
The new seating area and dining area with pink walls.
A photo of the opened up dining area, looking through to the seating area. A view of the internal doors before they were taken out.

The period features have been retained, keeping the house's character, but the kitchen is everything you'd expect from a modern family home.

This photo shows how knocking the wall down has created a connection to the rest of the room. A photo showing the old wall which was blocking the view from the kitchen to the dining room.

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