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Blush Pink Bedroom

Penylan, Cardiff

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Project photography Louise Misell ©
The bed with a bedside table painted grey, with the new white chair. Before there was a pine bedside table with a rattan chair.

The previously all grey room has been updated with dusky pink walls to create a softer, romantic feel. Toning pale blues from the cushions and curtains, together with the stronger greens in the artwork and plants all combine to make a harmonious, restful colour scheme.

A view of the chest of drawers which has been painted grey, in front of the pink painted walls. Before the chest of drawers was pine, and the walls were grey.
The grey painted wardrobe with new colourful storage trunks on top. Before the wardrobe was pine and had brown storage boxes on top.
A close up of the new brass dimmer switch on a white back plate.
A close up of the new artwork on the wall above the bed, on a white picture shelf.

An eclectic mix of artwork with personal value adds the finishing touch to the room.

A close up of the chest of drawers which have been painted grey, and new handles added.
A close up of the new pink textured lamp with a green palm print lampshade on top of the grey chest of drawers. The old glass table lamp with a grey lampshade, on top of the pine chest of drawers.
A photo of two brass plant pots with plants on the mantle piece. Before, the walls were grey and there were blue and yellow vases on the mantle piece.
A photo of the wardrobe which has been painted grey, with the colourful storage trunks on top. Before, the wardrobe was pine, with brown storage boxes on top.
A view of the bed and the windows with the four original blue curtains made into two. There are also new white painted wooden Venetian blinds. A view of the window with the original four curtains looking messy.

A clever mix of contemporary and traditional. Elements of copper, brass and chrome, combine with geometric shapes in the soft furnishings and lamp to give the room a relaxed but edgy look.

With the floors and doors stripped back to the original wood, the old pine furniture looked dated and in need of a refresh. Now painted in a soft grey, it looks perfectly suited to a period property. Storage which is reminiscent of old fashioned steamer trunks add a stylish twist, blending old and new, and a mixture of metals in the chrome handles, copper lighting and brass mirror add visual interest.

A view of the fireplace with the new pink painted walls, plants on the mantle piece and the grey painted furniture in the alcoves. Before the walls were painted grey and the furniture was pine.
A photo of the bed with the new picture ledge and artwork above. Before the wall behind the bed was in a grey wallpaper,  with no artwork and pine bedside tables.

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