Bedroom refresh


A view of the bed with the grey wallpaper behind.
The pine bedside tables with a rattan chair.
A view of the window with the four curtains looking messy.
The pine chest of drawers with the small mirror on top, and grey walls.
The pine wardrobe with brown storage boxes on top.
A close up of the pine chest of drawers with the grey lamp.
A close up of the grey lamp.
The ceiling light which was too sparkly.
A close up of the curtains with the trailing stems from the embroidered flower pattern.
A view of the bed with the grey wallpaper behind.


A view of the bed with the pink walls and picture shelf behind.
The bedside table painted grey, with the new chair.
The window with two curtains and the new blinds
The grey painted chest of drawers with the new brass mirror and pink walls.
The grey painted wardrobe with the new storage trunks on top.
The grey painted chest of drawers with the new pink lamp base and dark green shade.
A close up of the new pink lamp with green shade.
The chandelier in the new room.
The curtains look sleeker with the stems removed.
A view of the bed with the new pink walls and picture shelf above.


This a lovely bedroom in my home, but it was decorated with a wallpaper I was tired of, and I felt the all grey scheme was uninteresting. The room only needed a few tweaks, as the I liked the main items of furniture but wanted the room to have an update, with a softer feel. I had stripped the floorboards and the door, and now felt that there was too much pine in the room, as the storage was also made from pine. I also wanted to improve the window dressings in particular, as the wooden pole we had at the bay window meant that we had to have four curtains, which were messy and blocked out natural light. I had sheer roller blinds for privacy during the daytime, but these weren't working because they obscured the view, and could be seen through at night when the lights were on. I also wanted to soften the lighting in particular, and add more flexibility for night time reading. My husband and I agreed that the room didn't need a complete redesign, so we would change some accessories, choose a new wall colour, and injected some contemporary pieces which would mix well with the traditional look of the room.


I felt the best place to start was with the wall colour, as this would set the tone for the room. As we were keeping the pale blue curtains, and I wanted the new scheme to be a mix of the contemporary and traditional, I chose a romantic pink with slight blue undertones, perfectly suited to a period property. I painted the existing furniture in a toning grey, to remove some of the pine, and sourced some sleek new handles to complete the look. I chose a bespoke bay window pole, so that we would be able to have two curtains instead of four, and asked a local seamstress to join the two pairs of curtains. I also asked her to change the headings from pencil pleat to double pinch pleat as these have a cleaner look, and removed the trailing 'stems' from the embroidered flowers to neaten the pattern. The final change for the windows was to replace the sheer blinds with white painted wooden Venetian blinds, as they allow plenty of light in to the room, and can be closed for privacy at night.
I then accessorised the room with a new chair, bedside lamps, a picture shelf above the bed, and some plants to enhance the touches of green in the scheme. I added a brass mirror above the chest of drawers to create a dressing table area, as the previous mirror had been too small to be practical, and painted the tall pine mirror in a dark grey. I swapped the light for a chandelier which had been in my dining room, and installed a dimmer switch for greater control. I completed the new look with cushions and storage trunks on top of the wardrobe which bring all of the colours in the scheme together.