Commercial office space


a dark room with wooden cladding on the walls and two tall floor lamps
another view of the room with grey chairs, a wooden round table and a computer squashed in to one corner
a view facing the glazed door, showing the freestanding radiator, wooden table and grey chairs
the bare wooden floorboards with a mismatched set of rugs on top
a view of the sloped wooden clad ceiling with no lighting installed
a shot of the ugly free standing heater
the bare wall at the end of the room, opposite the door


the walls have been painted pale grey, with a dark grey feature wall at one end and colourful chairs, a table and a glossy sideboard have been added
the computer has been put in the sideboard with a large TV on the wall used as a monitor
a view facing the glazed door showing the new glossy grey table, colourful chairs and exposed bulb light fittings
the new luxury vinyl tile flooring in a concrete effect with a wood border running around the edge
the ceiling has been painted and had three lights installed along the centre beam, with LED strip lighting concealed behind two other beams for a soft glow
the new sleek, slim wall mounted heater in a gloss grey
the wall has been painted dark grey and made in to a feature, with a new wall mounted flat screen TV/computer screen and a grey gloss sideboard with a strip of gloss lime in the middle


The room is a summerhouse built to provide additional space for meetings with clients in a busy office. The brief was for the room to look sleek and uncluttered, with the feeling of a cool London space. The client wanted furniture which was comfortable and not of the type typically found in an office, and a round table was essential to allow for larger meetings. The room needed more light, new flooring and extra heating which didn't take up valuable floor space. It could also feel cold, so the flooring choice needed to be warm to the touch, but there had been a problem with damp so a natural flooring material wouldn't have been the best choice. The client had used several rugs as a temporary measure, but rugs aren't the ideal choice as chairs could get stuck when people were moving them to sit down. Overall, the client wanted an injection of colour and a wow feeling when walking in to the room.


The colour palette (including the greys) is drawn from the warm side of the spectrum to create a relaxing atmosphere, and the dark grey feature wall picks up on the colours used in the main building. It also provides a backdrop for the zingy orange and limes used in the scheme. The dark grey blends with the new wall mounted TV, making it more restful to the eye and easier to watch presentations. I chose a TV rather than a computer monitor as it's dual purpose, can easily be wall mounted and has built in speakers, eliminating trailing cables. Slimmer, wall mounted electric radiators provide additional heat when needed, and the round table is extendable for maximum flexibility. I designed a custom pattern for the flooring, choosing a concrete style luxury vinyl tile for the main floor and a contrasting wood tile for the border. The flooring pattern adds warmth and visual interest, and is unique. I added extra lighting in the ceiling controlled by different circuits so that the lighting could be layered, and used LED strip lighting hidden in the ceiling supports to give a soft glow from a concealed source.