Luxurious bedroom


a double bedroom with pale green walls, wall sconces and lamps with pleated shades
a view of the dark wooden dressing table with a traditional style lamp and a stool
a view from the bedroom in to the en suite showing the dark pine doors and dated tiling
one window with the Roman blinds inside the recess and the old curtains poles without curtains
showing the two different heights of the windows, and how the blinds fitted inside the recess accentuated this


the room with a new grey velvet headboard, carpet, chandelier,  matching round mirrors and glass ball lamps
the dressing table has been replaced with a large chest of drawers, a new oversized round mirror and a grey armchair
the same view showing the white painted door and the new washstand and stone tiling
the curtain poles have gone and the new Roman blinds are in place
the two windows now look the same height as the new blinds are fitted outside the recess and are placed at the same height


Although well maintained, the client felt the room looked 'tired' and was in need of an update. She wanted to create a sense of luxury, and a space where she could really relax. The colour scheme was a little too 'country cottage' for her liking, and her tastes had changed since the room had been decorated. She wanted to add some drama and glamour, and also needed more storage space by the bed. The room is has two lovely windows but they are different heights, drawing the eye to the imbalance, which needed to be addressed. The old curtains had been damaged by a leak, and the client was unsure whether to have new curtains made as well as blinds. The varnished pine of the doors, skirtings and mouldings had taken on an orange tone, which again dated the scheme. The client also wanted more space in the en suite for washing and for extra storage.


As the client never used the shower in the en suite it was relocated to the main bathroom, which created space for a lovely washstand. The radiator was moved so that two larger bedside tables with drawers could replace the smaller ones, again adding storage. Two new mirrors and lamps on either side of the bed bring symmetry and a sense of balance, which is calming and creates a feeling of harmony. A new bed with a soft upholstered headboard was chosen, which is great for reading at night, and together with a softer, deep pile carpet, a sense of luxury was achieved. The old Roman blinds were set inside the window recess, emphasising the different heights of the two windows, and the damaged curtains were too 'heavy', making the room feel smaller. I suggested not replacing the curtains and having new blinds made to sit outside the recess, and placed at the same height, cheating the eye so the windows look level. The final touches were to change the light fitting for one which reflected light from the many crystal droplets, and to have cushions made for the bed in the same fabric as the blinds to complete the look.