Mid Century Holiday Let

Brecon Beacons

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'after' photography by Will Lewis
A view of the now colourful living room, with all new furniture and accessories. The living room was painted cream with a shiny turquoise feature wallpaper.

A property in the beautiful Brecon Beacons was turned into a bright and welcoming holiday rental. The finishes needed to be bold and contemporary, but also practical and timeless.

A close up of the red, orange and grey cushions on the grey sofa.
Another view of the living room showing the dark blue feature wall, grey armchair and colourful curtains and rug. Before the living room was empty, with magnolia walls and turquoise overlong curtains.
A photo of the kitchen with new bar stools, dining table and chairs and colourful artwork. The same kitchen units, but without furniture or accessories.
Another view of the kitchen showing the new dining table and chairs, bookcase and colourful accessories. The same view of the kitchen without any furniture.
A close up of the fireplace with the dark blue feature wall, a round oak mirror above and two colourful vases as accessories.

Each room has it's own distinctive mid-century style, with colour used to provide a sense of unity.

A close up of the artwork in the master bedroom on the blue feature wall.
A photo of one of the single bedrooms, with yellow and grey bedding and coordinating curtains. Before the room was bare, with no furniture and white painted walls.

The property needed to be unique enough to stand out in the rental market, but also clean and unfussy enough to have a broad appeal.

A photo of the third bedroom, with a single bed with yellow and grey bedding, curtains and artwork. Before this was an empty girl's bedroom with a pink feature wall and decorative wall sticker.
A photo of the bathroom with grey and yellow styling touches added. Before, the bathroom just had a basic white bathroom suite.
The twin room showing the new yellow and grey curtains, bedding and light grey feature wall. A view of the empty bedroom with plain walls and no furniture.
A photo of the master bedroom with a blue feature wall, grey, yellow and blue curtains and coordinating accessories. A photo of the room before which had a brown feature wall and beige and brown curtains.

This stylish holiday let is bright and fresh, with enough personality to be welcoming but is deliberately not overstyled so that guests feel at home throughout their stay.

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