Holiday rental


a shiny damask feature wallpaper in turquoise
the other walls in the living room are cream and bland
another view of the living room - a turquoise chandelier and overlong curtains
an empty dining area in the kitchen
a different view of the empty kitchen
the empty master bedroom with a brown feature wall and overlong curtains
another view of the empty master bedroom, apart from the fitted wardrobes and the brown ceiling shade
an empty boy's bedroom with graffiti style wallpaper
another view of the empty boy's bedroom with plain walls
an empty girl's bedroom with a pink feature wall and decorative wall sticker
another view of the empty girl's bedroom with dark pink curtains
the fourth bedroom, which is empty with no curtains
the basic white bathroom suite


an muted blue feature wall with colourful rug and new furniture
the other walls in the living room are a soft grey blue
a new steam bent light fitting and made to measure curtains
new table and chairs, bookcase and curtains
the dining area is ready fro breakfast, with new artwork on the walls
a furnished master bedroom with a blue feature wall and made to measure curtains
the fitted wardrobes are still there but there is a new picture on the wall and the bed has new bedding
a comfortable twin room with new ceiling shade, beds and bedding
the twin room showing the new curtains, bedding and light grey feature wall
the same bedroom with a single bed, bedside table, lamp and new bedding and curtains
another view of the same room showing more of the curtains and bedding, with towels on the bed
the revamped fourth bedroom with a new bed, bedside table, bedding, lamp, curtains and a picture on the wall
the bathroom with styling touches added
'after' photography by Will Lewis


The client came to me having just bought a property in the beautiful Brecon area. This four bedroom house had been a family home, but the plan was to turn it in to a stylish holiday rental. The brief was for the house to be bright and fresh, with a modern style, but above all it had to be comfortable and welcoming. The house was structurally sound, so didn't need a lot of work doing to it, but the client emphasised the need for an up dated look which would stand the test of time, and with finishes which were hard wearing enough to cope with the demands of the rental market. Seating for 4 people was a minimum, with some flexibility needed. Certain requirements had to be met for the house to be graded by the Wales Tourist Board, and everything had to be low maintenance for ease of changeover during the rental season.


I began by thinking about an overall style statement for the property - one which was practical but unique enough to make the property stand out in the rental market. I wanted each room to have its own distinctive style, and to create a sense of flow from room to room with colour. I chose 'retro' style fabrics for the curtains, which were the starting point for the overall design. The fabrics are inspired by those of the 1950s, a look that is clean and unfussy, allowing the house to look 'dressed' without needing lots of additional pieces. This meant that there were fewer things to clean, and less likelihood of breakages. The bedding is of high quality and able to withstand regular washing, and the seating in the lounge has fabric which can be wiped clean with just water. I also added a footstool in the bay window to provide additional seating. The look is fairly paired back, so although welcoming, it allows guests the space to make themselves feel at home.