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Bancha Bedroom


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Project photography Louise Misell ©
A photo looking across the bed to the pink framed windows. A view of the room showing the beige walls and too short curtains.

A beige bedroom in a Victorian terrace has been given a huge injection of colour and style with the use of a strong green paint and a fabulous floral wallpaper. No more bland and boring here!

A photo of the the three antiqued mirrors by the green painted wardrobes. The same view of the room before, with the white melamine wardrobes and bare walls.
A view along the original fireplace, showing the peach wall light, the antique washstand and the new Roman blinds. The same view along the fireplace, before the room was decorated.

Inspired by the Victorian love of bold colour and accessorising, details such as the fringing on the handblown ceiling light and the antique washstand are brought up to date with the almost blanket use of one colour, and the bright pops of contrasting raspberry pink.

A close up of the new beetle shaped handles on the wardrobes, with the bedroom door in the background.
A close up of one of the new peach wall lights.
A close up of the glass blown lampshade with burgundy fringing. A photo of the dark grey plain lampshade which was there before the new one was installed.
A view of the room looking through an oval brass mirror.
A view of the bed with the windows and new blinds in the background. The windows with short curtains before the new blinds were made.

Framing the gorgeous wallpaper with pink painted beading visually extends the headboard, making the bed feel more luxurious.

A photo of the newly painted wardrobes with their new beetle handles. The white melamine wardrobes before they were painted.
A photo of the original fireplace area, with the newly painted Bancha green walls. The original fireplace and wardrobes before the room was painted.
A close up of one of the peach velvet bedside lampshades.
A photo of the wallpaper behind the headboard of the bed. A photo of where the wallpaper will go once the room is decorated.

Painting the built in wardrobes the same colour as the walls and ceiling makes them 'disappear'. This room now feels welcoming, cocooning and relaxing - a place you'd really want to spend time in.

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