Quiet sitting room


two overflowing bookcases and a jumble of pictures
bare walls but lots of stuff on the floor
cardboard boxes and more items being stored here
more bare walls and an ironing board
below sill length curtains blocking out the light
golf clubs and plastic storage boxes piled high
a full bookcase with a hoover
the unused leather chair in the living room


a comfy sofa, floor lamp and piano are now in the room
a close up of the sofa with a basket for toys on the floor
a tan leather chair has been added, with cushions and a throw
Shutters are now at the windows, with a tall plant on a stand added
a view of the windows with shutters, the upholstered footstool and the piano
another view of the piano, with a side table and arrangement of vases
peeking through the door in to the quiet room
a close up of the leather chair with accessories
'after' photography by Mary Watler-Thomas


As this is the second sitting room in the house, it was underused and had become a bit of a dumping ground! The clients wanted a warm, cosy, and peaceful space to relax and entertain their grandchild in. The window was difficult to dress as the reveal is curved, and the trees across the road block out some natural light, so we needed to find a flexible solution which allowed more light in but could also give privacy. The clients prefer soft, muted colours as they've used these throughout the rest of the house, and also wanted seating for two and soft flooring for their grandchild. They had a piano which they wanted to bring in to the room, and they also wanted more lighting for when the room is used in the evenings.


I chose this muted green paint colour as it is soft and welcoming, and echoes the colours used elsewhere in the house. The room was decluttered to make space for the piano and the new seating. I suggested bringing in a leather chair which was being unused in the main living room, which saved a large portion of the budget. I chose shutters for the windows, as they are neat and can be fully opened to let in light or partially closed for privacy. I picked a soft but hard wearing loop carpet, and a comfy snuggler to provide a space to sit with the new grandchild. Lighting with soft linen shades and warm light bulbs create a lovely relaxing glow in the evenings, and a radiator cover painted the same shade as the walls turned a necessity in to a feature.